Numerous companies that sell numerous mattresses in the market

A normal human being sleeps around one third of his lifetime. This is such a huge part of our life which is inevitable. A normal person needs at the least six to eight hours of sleep to be able to work their bodies swiftly. After working hard, the whole day we require a good amount of rest to be able to work with full potential the next day. We work so hard to live a life we always dreamt of and to fulfil that with any obstacles we should take care of our bodies properly. For this a good amount of sleep is very essential.


It has been shown that for a good night’s sleep mattresses play a very big role to help us achieve the comfort our bodies require. Sleep is the best meditation to keep our body as well as our minds. So, there cannot be any compromise on that.

We have to be very careful while buying a good mattress. There are innumerable companies selling innumerable different types of mattresses and to choose one from them is very difficult. Some are made up of innersprings while some of fiber’s. Nowadays mattresses are made of foam, memoryh foam is one such mattress foam. This was discovered back in 1966 by infusing gas into the open polymer structure. It was first made to be used as padding for the cushions in aircrafts. Later these were started to be used in medical equipment and vehicle padding for emergencies. These foams have a characteristic self-retracing property which helps it regain its shape even after repeated application of pressure. When used in mattresses these foams helps in preventing the mattress from sagging and keeping it firm for a long period of time. These were made using temperature sensitive technology.


We should be very careful while choosing our mattresses. We should take care and prevent them from sagging. This helps to maintain the support they ought to provide. We should prevent the mattress from dust to avoid the growth of germs which are a main reason for allergies caused by mattresses and should replace them after every ten years.